There are different distillation methods to get the most purified water at your own home place but we must have a proper understand what does actually mean by distilled water. Distillation is a procedure through which we get filtered and purified water. It results in balanced pH level H2O. This process involves different steps through which water has to go through to get purified. These steps involve boiling of water which converts the water into vapors. Collection of the water vapors and then the condensation procedure in which you allow the water vapors to be cooled down so that they should be converted into liquid form. Now finally you may collect water which is available in liquid form.

How to distill water at home?

There are several methods to get distilled water at home and the most important and commonly used method is given below.

Distillation of Water by using a Stove

You can use a stove for boiling of water. You need a large water container (preferably convex shape) which ideally should be of five plus gallons. After filling the pot half (or amount of water you need to distill), put the water container on stove and turn it on with the temperature which should be sufficient to boil the water slowly. Place a bowl inside the water container and cover the container with a lid exposing the curved surface inwards. Now take some ice cubes and put them on the lid.

With rising temperature water will be converted into steam which will be collected on the convex surface of lid and the cooling effects of ice cubes will turn the vapors back into liquid water. Water droplets will be running down into the bowl which is placed inside the container. This is one of the easiest distillation methods to get distilled water.

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